The Brew (February 2009)

Old Style Returns to Kraeusening

Old Style goes back to its roots with a complete brand overhaul, featuring a revivial of the time-honored German brewing tradition of authentic Kraeusening, new package graphics that dramatically showcase the iconic tavern shield seen on Old Style packaging since its inception in 1902, and an entirely new marketing campaign. Kraeusening is an additional step in the brewing process that brings richness to this storied beer. For more information, visit

Lazy Magnolia Indian Summer

Kiln, Miss.-based Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co., formerly a tap-only supplier, adds its Indian Summer Spiced Ale to the list of beers it now offers in bottles. The brew is a light American-style wheat ale spiced with orange peel and coriander. For more information, visit

Bud Light's New Look

Anheuser-Busch's redesign of its Bud Light packaging emphasizes the color blue — with an image of a splash — and the brand's new focus on refreshment and "drinkability." A-B will launch the new Bud Light look In March. "Drinkability offers a unique way to express a range of product benefits through a single term," vice president of marketing Keith Levy said. "It's that just-right taste — not too heavy or light — that sets Bud Light apart from other light beers."  For more information, visit

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