The Bites (July 2011)

Maple Leaf Farms Duck Wings

Maple Leaf Farms Duck Wings
Maple Leaf Farms introduces fully cooked Duck Wings to its food portfolio. The duck wings are cooked in a unique procedure that tenderizes the meat yet retains the crunchy outside coating. Paired with signature sauces, the wings expand menus as a new protein that lends itself to a variety of flavor combinations.

J.M. Garret Foods Appetizers

J.M. Garret Foods
J.M. Garret Foods is introducing eight new appetizers that can adapt to any kitchen with a fryer, convection oven or impingement oven. Appetizers include Banana Pepper Rings, Santa Fe Beef Planks, Santa Fe Chicken Planks, Chicken Club Bites, Tamale Stix, Mini-Tater Skins, Popcorn Cheddar Bites and Great Bites of Fire, which are a blend of all-white-meat chicken, buffalo sauce, sour cream and Wisconsin cream cheese.

Dipt’n Dusted Oysters

Dipt'm Dusted Oysters
Tampa Maid’s Dipt’n Dusted Oysters are fresh Eastern oysters covered in Dipt’n Dusted flour, delivering a made-from-scratch taste. Crispy and crunchy, the oysters can be served in a basket, along with a seafood platter, as an entrée, in a sandwich or as an appetizer tossed with hot sauce. The Dipt’n Dusted brand also features Calamari, Mahi-Mahi Tenders, Grouper Tenders, Tilapia Tenders, Pub-style Shrimp, Chicken-fried Shrimp, Shrimp Tenders and Popcorn Shrimp.

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