Bevintel Announces Corporate Name Change to Sculpture Hospitality

Bevintel announces that it will be named Sculpture Hospitality effective immediately. Sculpture Hospitality is the world's leading profit and revenue enhancement company for the hospitality industry. Founded in 1987, Sculpture has been providing the technology and reporting operators need to monitor and control their business.  The company provides a hands-on personal approach to preventing loss and increasing sales and profits.

Sculpture Hospitality

Sculpture Hospitality prides itself on their ability to tailor a suite of solutions specifically for any business. Whether profits are slipping away from over-pouring, improper yielding techniques or vendor discrepancies, Sculpture has the tools and knowledge to fix the problems and make your business more successful.

Their expert consultants will work in your establishment, providing services and staff training to reduce inventory loss. Operators can have more time to hire and train staff and execute an excellent guest experience while Sculpture handles inventory management and staff accountability issues.  Sculpture can ensure your business is running more profitably.

Sculpture Hospitality, which operates in over 33 countries globally has seen an evolution of its customer’s needs over the course of its almost 3 decades of operation. As the premier inventory solution’s company, Sculpture Hospitality continues to morph as technology and its customer’s needs change helping them move forward and evolve with face-to-face personal service. Developing comprehensive, class-leading systems, technologies and tools, tailored to each specific business model further reshaping the food and beverage industry is the ethos of the new Sculpture Hospitality identity.

"The transformation of our company to Sculpture Hospitality reflects our industry leadership as profit solution experts, who customize solutions for our clients utilizing world class tools and solutions to ensure they are running their businesses as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said CEO Daniel Smith. “We work with our clients through Sculpture franchisees located in every local market who provide high quality service face to face."


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