Benchmark Games Hits A Monster of a Winner

Hypoluxo, FL…Benchmark Games has a monster hit in the all-new and exciting “Monster Drop” game. This innovative, individual and two player, cumulative jackpot prizewinner has become one of the most recent popular products of the Florida based manufacturer.

Monster Drop

Players must time the drop of the high-energy ball so as to cause it to fall through one of three pockets values; the jackpot, the mystery value or the ticket wins. As the ball bounces and careens around the playing area before dropping into a hole…there is a winner every time. The “Monster Drop” becomes a multi-play extravaganza game if a ball drops in an “add bonus ball” hole, which is reserved until the player makes it to a “drop bonus balls” hole.

Another playing feature of the “Monster Drop” allows the participants to bounce a ball on to a platform and into the Monster Jackpot hole to win a huge two-player cumulative jackpot.

“Some of the incredible features of the Monster Drop is a long-life L.E.D. lighting and dynamic sound along with our standard 18,000 capacity ticket drawers,” stated Al Kress of Benchmark Games. “This product includes standard Intelli-Triple ticket dispensers and allows for operator adjustable game parameters. As in all of our games, Monster Drop comes with a one year, top to bottom and front to back, all covered warranty.”

Specifications for the Monster Drop

Dimensions Set Up:
67" W (1702mm)
40.25" D (1023mm)
93" H (2363mm)

For more details on the “Monster Drop” and other Benchmark games:
Phone toll free 1-561-588-5200
Rich Long - Ext. 112
Al Kress - Ext. 101
Gene Lipkin Ext. 140
Or, visit their website at


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