Be a Smart Bar!

Smart BarRunning a successful bar takes a unique mixture of business savvy and intuition, but most of all it requires constant improvement. Smart bar operators are always learning, asking questions and trying to figure out the tweaks -- or complete overhauls -- needed to make their place not only profitable, but also a great place to work and a great place for guests to hang out. Knowing that, we at Nightclub & Bar are proud to bring you NCB Smart Bar, your resource for constant improvement in bar operations, execution and profitability. 

With Robert Plotkin as Editor, NCB Smart Bar brings you real-world, nuts and bolts advice on the best ways to run a profitable bar. Wondering if your pour costs are too high? If your bartender scheduling makes sense? If your profits are walking out the front or back door? With 16 books on bar management and drink making under his belt, Plotkin is a noted expert on all things bar. He regularly speaks at industry events -- look for him on the program at next week's NCB Show in Las Vegas -- and is an outstanding trainer and consultant. Why? Because he's been there, behind the bar and at in the back office, so he knows your business. In NCB Smart Bar, he'll help you continuously improve, answer your questions and shed light on some profit opportunities and cost-cutting measures you may not have considered.

So read on, and be sure to share NCB Smart Bar with your colleagues. The newsletter is free and published bi-weekly by Nightclub & Bar. Also, let us know what you think or what questions you'd like answered. 

See you at the bar!

Donna Hood Crecca

Publisher & Editorial Director

Nightclub & Bar 

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