Bartenders Experiment with Savory Cocktails

Source: Star Tribune

Creative bartenders explore the final frontier: cocktails spiked with savory ingredients. Yes, that may include liquid fat.

Stumble or sidle into your favorite cocktail bar and spout off a taste sensation, and any barkeep with more than an ice block for brains can readily find a drink to suit your mood. Looking for something sweet? Maybe a daiquiri or a Jack Rose. Bitter lovers might end up with a remixed negroni (perhaps a fernet negroni for the particularly submissive).

Fat Taco Cocktail at Rabbit Hole
Photo Credit: Kyndell Harkness, Star Tribune

But ask for something savory and wait for the furrowed brow.

“The savory component is one of those unicorns in cocktail land,” said Jesse Held, cocktail captain at Minneapolis’ Parlour Bar and Coup d’état. “Not enough people do it, but everybody loves it.”

Aside from the dirty martini or an omelet-accompanying Bloody Mary, few of the classic cocktails modern bartenders study like priests do the Bible leverage savory, a profile more affiliated with food. But with the cocktail revolution smashing the wall between bar and kitchen, gradually intrepid bartenders are adding savory to their arsenal.

“Savory aspects to cocktails is an area that has a lot of potential for growth,” said Rabbit Hole owner Thomas Kim. “Any area that has a lot of potential for growth, I think creative people are going to gravitate toward.”


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