Bar Sports Leagues Get People in the Door

If you have pool tables or dartboards you obviously want to attract leagues into your bar, and you already know how to do this. However, what you may not have thought is to have a one-night only tournament, allowing all your guests to sign up. This can be especially beneficial in January, when sales slow. Running a promotion inviting all your patrons to join in the friendly competition for one night -- perhaps offering discounts on food and/or drinks to those who participate -- will drive traffic, energy and dollars into your place. The participants don’t have to be a part of a league to join in the fun, but they may join up after this fun night, thereby making them more loyal and frequent visitors to your bar. One idea: have a league member or two on hand to "coach" the newbies and engage them in the games. Give away trophies to the top three winners of the night. You’ll be surprised how many people LOVE to win a trophy.


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