Bar Rescue Owners Tell All

Thom Greco president of Greco Holdings, Inc. urged the audience to rescue and reinvent themselves, at the recent  Bar Rescue: Where are They Now? panel that took place at the 2014 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show.  To his left were four bar owners who appeared on Bar Rescue: Brad Bohannan of Spirits on Bourbon, Donna Chilleen of Chilleen’s on 17, Dan Turbidy of Bungalow Bar and Jerry Dalrymple of Sorties Tavern.

Bar Rescued Owners Tell All

Getting down to brass tacks, Mr. Greco asked each panelist what they felt was the biggest change to their rescued venue.  For Donna, it was the addition of the smoker seen on her episode, which makes the entire restaurant smell delicious.  Jerry selected the WOW! factor his bar now provides customers.  Dan was blown away not by a piece of equipment, not by a new product or cocktail, but by the Bar Rescue team itself.  Mr. Turbidy also told the rapt audience that he learned from Jon not to worry but to instead busy himself creating and monitoring guest reactions.

However, not everything was perfect for the rescued owners.  While Jerry didn’t care for some of the cosmetic changes and ultimately chose to replace them, he’s sticking with the game plan presented to him on Bar Rescue.  Donna didn’t feel as though she needed to change much and is instead focusing on keeping up with the demand generated by her customers for moonshine cocktails.  Dan answered the question a bit differently, letting the audience know that it’s not so much about things not working out as it is about realizing that Jon wants rescued owners to make the bar their own after he’s gone.

Wrapping up the panel, Thom asked each rescued owner what they would say to Jon were he standing next to them at the moment.  “Thank you for motivating me,” said Donna, “I couldn’t have done it without you.”  Brad gave a simple but heartfelt thanks to Jon while Dan thanked the Nightclub & Bar president, said he would give him a big hug and told the audience that it’s very humbling to be rescued.  Jerry also wanted to hug the man who rescued his bar.

Where are they now?  On the way to becoming successful bar owners.

For more indepth information on each Bar Rescue episodes, including break downs of the sciences used, recaps and recipes visit Bar Rescue Central on 


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