Award-Winning Purus Organic Vodka Reborn as the Refined Spirit for Today's Taste

ST. LOUIS - Vodka enthusiasts with discerning tastes are heralding the return of multi-award-winning Purus organic wheat vodka to their favorite gathering places and stores in a reprise of the top-shelf spirit.

Purus Vodka

Made from the finest 100% organic wheat and crystal clear water from the Italian Alps, Purus has been a preference in the high-end spirits market since its launch in 2007. Pure Holdings LLC, a St. Louis-based firm, has purchased the brand and has begun offering the refined vodka to top-quality restaurants, lounges, specialty grocery and liquor stores in Missouri and other selected markets.

Known for its clear bottle reminiscent of a droplet of water from the Italian Alps and its strong legacy as an eco-friendly product. PURUS once again provides an affordable luxury spirit with incomparably smooth taste. Purus, with its light body and velvety sweetness, is distilled five times in the breath-taking Piemonte region of Italy. Crafted for three generations by the Sacchetto family in Lagnasco, Italy, PURUS has a handmade tradition unwavering for decades.

The 100% Organic wheat is grown from a dedicated group of artisan farmers. It is the organic wheat that makes the spirit so unique. The wheat is cultivated without pesticides or commercial fertilizers.

“Purus has always been a superior brand for adults looking for a ‘mellow and buttery texture with a cereal sweetness in style and elegance with loads of layered character’ as described by Wine Enthusiast Magazine,” said John Giarrante, president. “It’s perfect for a vodka on the rocks, a classic martini or a special cocktail mixed with the fruit and ingredients of your choice.”

Giarrante said “Purus is just that—a spirit for the vodka purist.” Whether at the latest trendy nightclub or simply in the relaxed atmosphere of home, Purus has an unmatched taste that sets it apart from the “vodka flavor of the day” crowd.


Purus has received Highest Recommendation from Wine Enthusiast magazine’s Top 50 Spirits of 2010, and has been named “Best in Category” and received the Gold Medal among spirits at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition. It has also earned a Silver Medal in the vodka category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, among its growing collection of accolades.

Devoted to authenticity, Purus has an ongoing commitment to our environmentally conscious world. Its elegant bottle is 100% recyclable with a tree-free label and soy inks, water-based adhesives and a sustainable cork closure.


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