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What major Las Vegas resort property is currently eyeing the construction of an adults-only, private three-story pool deck? This birdie won’t sing, but the grand plans still in the design phase call for a two-acre footprint and could include as many as ” fore-ty” cabanas and a catwalk across the middle of the pool.

Last issue, we included a blurb on Angel Management Group’s focus on the Las Vegas market after the management company renegotiated their contract for Home Nightclub in St. Louis. We caught up with AMG’s vice president of operations, Derek Silberstein, in a mostly off-the-record conversation where he indicated that AMG remains very active in pursuing its own nightlife venue in Las Vegas and is in close talks with several casino properties. In addition to nightlife, AMG is investigating several opportunities wherein the nightlife experts would soon make forays into the F&B side of the business with its own restaurant offerings. “Nightlife and restaurants go hand in hand in today’s competitive market and allow operators an incredible advantage in offering their clients a complete destination for the evening from early evening to late night,” the smooth-skulled Veep stated on the record.

Across the Atlantic, UK club and pub owners are offering a novel way to subdue loud patrons from disturbing neighbors as guests make their way home after venues close: lollipops! A local district council is testing the idea as part of an anti-noise campaign in five towns in Southern England. “We would rather that revelers leaving pubs and clubs suck on a lollipop than make unnecessary noise which cause complaints,” an official statement from the council said. One club operator noted the thinking was “that if they got something in their mouths, they wouldn't be quite so loud when they left the premises.”

Next month, software developer Digital Chocolate will release Nightclub Fever, a mobile and iPhone follow-up to its popular nightclub-themed management and strategy game, Nightclub Empire. Gamers will once again have to build a career in the nightclub universe by increasing  their collection of happy clientele while reinvesting revenue for better lighting, furniture and DJs. iPhone users will be able to import music from their iTunes library directly into the game.

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