Americaas Beer Distributors Raise a Glass to Tavern Month

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Throughout the month of May, the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) will be recognizing Tavern Month, which celebrates the many licensed bars and taverns that provide hundreds of thousands of jobs to hardworking men and women and enrich America’s social culture.

“It’s an American tradition for adults to gather with friends or colleagues to enjoy a cold beer in a local bar or tavern,” said NBWA President Craig Purser.  “America’s licensed beer distributors proudly work hand-in-hand with licensed retailers, like bars and taverns, to safely provide consumers from coast to coast with an unparalleled choice and variety of beer.  Beer distributors and taverns are key components of the state-based system for alcohol control in the United States, which works to ensure only consumers of legal drinking age receive fresh, safe beer and that consumers are served in moderation.” 

“Bar and tavern owners, much like beer distributors, understand the importance of independent, family-owned businesses,” said Harry Wiles, executive director of American Beverage Licensees, the nation’s largest bar and tavern trade association.  “Bars and taverns provide local jobs that can’t be outsourced and are a standard-bearer of a uniquely American entrepreneurial spirit.”

Bar and tavern owners work together with beer distributors in communities in every state to provide responsible service and sales.  Beer distributors and tavern owners support server training programs, ID checks and the effective state-based system of alcohol regulation.


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