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To stand out, beverage brands and POS (point of sale) materials have to grab consumers’ attention often. One of the latest innovations in POS marketing is a bioluminescent technology that allows any type of logos, signage, posters, artwork and displays to light up, flash and even give the appearance of animation. One new innovative application is a bottle overlay that will adhere directly over the bottle label. This overlay will light up or can flash will illumination and motion to draw attention to your brand. If you can imagine a full bar and “your brand” will light up and draw attention. The technology interfaces flawlessly with photo-quality artwork. Natures Flash Lite uses naturally occurring crystals derived from certain species of algae and seaweed that are known for their illuminative qualities to produce special effects. This technology has allowed the development of a state-of-the-art marketing platform that gives brands the edge in a competitive market. According to Progressive Edge, the company behind Natures Flash Lite, the production costs are about 80% less than neon alternatives. The panels are paper thin and durable as they are created without glass.
Natures Flash Lite

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