aBar Rescuea: Lights, Camera, Action, Click!

Hot off the success of the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nightclub & Bar Media GroupBar Rescue
President Jon Taffer hit the road to rescue ailing bars across the United States for his upcoming show, “Bar Rescue,” on Spike TV. During nearly 10 weeks of filming, Taffer shot episodes of the unscripted show in markets such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Boston.

The challenges facing the floundering drinking holes range from leaking ceilings to high product-waste levels, ill-trained bartenders to erratic owners, outdated décor to shoddy furnishings, poor food-safety practices to mounting debt and, quite often, low morale and conflict among staff members.

Jon TafferTo see how Taffer turns these bars around — in a mere four days — stay tuned to nightclub.com. “Bar Rescue” premieres this summer on Spike TV, and Nightclub & Bar will give our audience of bar pros the inside scoop with exclusives about each episode. Keep an eye out for special video footage and coverage on nightclub.com to find out more of the backstory on each bar and the players involved, as well as the tactics Taffer invokes to put these businesses on the right track. Additionally, learn about the products, such as spirits, furnishings, entertainment systems and other bar equipment, he uses to take these bars from near ruin to vibrancy.

What’s more, we’ll follow up with each bar a few months after each episode airs to see if the staff is sticking to the plan Taffer laid out and how well they’re maintaining their new level of success. Visit nightclub.com regularly for updates on the show’s debut as well as coverage of each episode from a unique industry perspective you won’t get anywhere else.

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