Can't Afford Big Budget DJs? Entertainment Management Strategies

Dan Nelson is new to the Nightclub & Bar Show, however he holds a Master of Arts degree and Certified Special Events Professional and Certified Meeting Professional designations. He also sits on the Department of Hospitality Management Advisory Board for the College of Southern Nevada. Mr. Nelson also served as an adjunct and temporary Assistant Professor of Events and Entertainment for the Hotel College of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and operated a Las Vegas-based meetings, entertainment and special events company. To say he knows entertainment and planning is a bit of an understatement.

For those looking to save precious dollars when it comes to booking talent, or for those who simply don’t have the budget for a big-name acts, Dan had plenty of viable suggestions. Resources such as booking agents, producers, Pollstar, Billboard and Variety can help you to stay on top of up-and-coming performers who could be big draws to your business at a price you can afford. A one-year, hard copy subscription to Pollstar is $489 while the same subscriptions for Variety and Billboard will run you $199 and $299 respectively. As a means to stay on top of music trends and to get a line on new acts, those amounts represent small but effective investments that will likely reap solid dividends if used correctly.

Another way to save yourself money when booking talent is to follow name entertainers who are within your budget online and pay attention to when they have a few open days near you as they may be interested in routing options. Also, build relationships with talent buyers and agencies you trust will respect your needs. A simple strategy for saving money in terms of entertainment is to avoid trying to compete with mega clubs on their level and instead work on creative ways to pull in your core audience. A great way to achieve this goal is to watch what everyone is doing and do something else, so visit competing venues whenever you’re able. Another simple but effective tactic for booking talent on a budget is to find new talent on the rise and big names who are, for lack of better phrasing, on their way down.

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