La Hechicera Colombian Rum

At the heart of Barranquilla, nestled between the long-winding Magdalena River and the Caribbean Sea, is an unassuming little bodega that has been ageing and blending the best rum in Colombia for over twenty years. It is an oasis of silence in the midst of a bustling city where barrels rest under the watchful eye of the Maestro Ronero.

La Hechicera is a naturally ‘unpolished’ rum, which means it has not been rounded up with additives or sugar, its smoothness and flavor are the result of the noble wood it is aged in. This is the traditional way of making rum that does not require any polishing or ‘finishing’, any additive would only opaque its innate brilliance.

The flavor profile of La Hechicera is exactly what we expect rum to be: deep woodiness with characterful notes of things Colombian, a heady scent of toffee and orange peel on the nose, and a bold burst of flavor on the palate with distinctive notes of tobacco and roasted coffee. The finish is crisp and smooth.

Using the solera method of aging in American white oak barrels, La Hechicera is a masterly blend of rums between 12 and 21 years, gracefully matured in former bourbon barrels.

Particularly crisp and woody, this spirit holds true to a simple promise: from barrel to bottle and nothing in between.

40% ABV