Lady Gaga to Enter Wine Market with Grigio Girls

Lady Gaga & Justin Timberlake in the "Liquorville" SNL skit. Image:

Little Monsters, prepare to become big wine fans. Lady Gaga has filed the necessary paperwork to produce wine and wine-based products.

Gaga’s newest project, Grigio Girls, will produce wine, wine coolers, wine punches, and wine cocktails.

As the name implies, it’s a safe bet that Pinot Grigio will be the star varietal of Gaga’s grape venture. However, a source close to The Sun remarked in 2012 that the diva had taken an interest in red wines after touring Europe. Bearing that in mind, we expect other varietals to fill out the Grigio Girls lineup.


Lest one think this is simply another celebrity lark, we feel it’s important to mention that Gaga has long had an interest in wine. Not only do her parents own Joanne Trattoria – an Italian restaurant in New York – the drinks business reported that Lady Gaga was looking to enter the wine business with former boyfriend Taylor Kinney in 2012.

“My favorite way to catch up with friends is to have wine and food nights. We cook together and drink six or seven bottles of red wine,” Gaga told the drinks business.

It looks that the music and fashion icon, and Super Bowl LI halftime performer, has finally entered the wine business.

No word yet on wine cooler or punch flavors, or what wine-focused cocktails will be produced under the Grigio Girls label.

For those unfamiliar with the Grigio Girls reference, the brand name pays tribute to one of Gaga’s best friends, Sonja. During a interview that took place last year, the singer discussed her song “Grigio Girls.”

“I wrote a song about how me and all of our girlfriends would get together and cry without her [Sonja] when she’s not around because we love her so much and we just want to be strong with her.”

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