The Facundo Rum Collection Reimagines Art at Sotheby's

Image Source: FACUNDO

Coral Gables, Florida – The FACUNDO® Rum Collection, a limited release of four of the most exquisite, hand-blended sipping rums, will bring the ‘Art of Rum’ to life through an exciting event at Sotheby’s Auction House to deliver an immersive experience.

Sourced from the Bacardi family’s private reserves, The FACUNDO Rum Collection elevates rum to an art form, paying tribute to BACARDÍ founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso’s relentless pursuit of producing rums of unsurpassed quality and refinement. Handcrafted with passion by the BACARDÍ Maestros de Ron, each marque is a culmination of years of dedication to the art of rum making.

On Wednesday, September 30th, FACUNDO Rum Collection and Sotheby’s will host a FACUNDO Art of Rum, a curated pairing dinner, for members of the 1744 Young Collectors Group in Sotheby’s gallery. Surrounded by Sotheby’s “Cherchez la femme: Women and Surrealism” selling exhibition, guests will revel in a stunning multi-course dinner with each dish expertly paired with one of the four variants of the FACUNDO Rum Collection.

“We are very excited to be working with the esteemed Sotheby’s Auction House. Showcasing the FACUNDO Rum Collection alongside this renowned art house is the ideal platform for the artistry that went into crafting the Collection to truly come alive,” said Shane M. Graber, Vice President and Brand Managing Director BACARDÍ Rums North America. “We very much look forward to continuing our relationship with Sotheby’s on events that further our mutual passion for art in all its forms.”

Accentuating the Collection’s tribute to BACARDÍ founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and the company’s Cuban heritage, Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea, who has a history with the company through some of his previous works of art, will host and speak to Cuban art and culture. Arrechea is a solo artist whose “No Limits” sculpture installation was previously featured along the Park Avenue Mall in New York City. Select works of art from Sotheby’s upcoming Latin American auction in November will also be on display during the Art of Rum dinner.

“We are thrilled to work with the FACUNDO Rum Collection to host this one-of-a-kind experience,” said Sotheby’s Julian Dawes, curator of Cherchez la femme: Women and Surrealism. “It will provide a unique opportunity to present various expressions of art, be it on a canvas or in a glass.”

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