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An iconic brand, Bacardi finds itself struggling at age 153

As a television ad shows, Bacardi’s is the ultimate story of corporate survival. The hero strides through the tribulations of the past 153 years, including fires, earthquakes, Prohibition and the Cuban Revolution to reach his goal: a Bacardi Gold on the rocks, poured by a bartender — success in a glass. READ MORE>>

Beer Tax

Quaffing down the beer tax

Few things can bring the parties together on tax policy — but brewers are hoping beer is one of them. Where once the brewing industry was concentrated in Wisconsin, Missouri and Colorado in particular, the craft brewery boom today touches every state. READ MORE>>

Harpoon Former CEO

Former Harpoon CEO launches new craft beer venture

For artisan brewers, the so-called “craft ethos” is everything. They brew for the love of beer, not for money. Their fans prize local flavor, authenticity, even quirkiness. Selling out? A cardinal sin. But larger regional craft breweries are under pressure to do exactly that. With overall US beer sales nearly flat, mega-conglomerate “macro-brewers” are looking to the surging craft segment for growth. At the same time, regional breweries are fighting off a proliferation of smaller competitors, with 615 new breweries opening last year. READ MORE>>

Beverage Flavors

Harnessing the Power of Flavor

Seeing how distinctive beverages drive traffic and sales, more restaurant operators are emphasizing flavored teas, coffees, juices, lemonades and the like. Vibrant flavors are integral to the success of nonalcoholic offerings just as they are with cocktails and cuisine. The reward can be large for a flavored iced tea, blended coffee or herb-laced lemonade that resonates with the public. READ MORE>>

Craft Beer

Menu Moves: Restaurant chains get crafty with beer

Part of the reason you didn’t open a franchise restaurant is because you wanted some individuality. You wanted to serve food and drink tailored to you and your locale, not a cookie-cutter menu that doesn’t allow for much customization. READ MORE>>

Cucumbers in Cocktails

Cucumber Craze

Specialty cocktails with cucumber or cucumber flavors have become more popular on restaurant menus, with menu mentions increasing 23% from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015. READ MORE>>

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