Wine Time

Wines come in a plethora of varietals, giving patrons every taste their palates desire, from fruity to oaky, dry to sweet. But with a little imagination, the flavors wine has to offer can become even more diverse, as wine serves as a base or as an extra kick in cocktails. The wine-inspired libations below will delight guests as they try a twist on their favorite varietal.

Raspberry MoJo
Created by Dave Herlong, N9NE Group mixologist.
1 ½ ounces Bacardi Light Rum
½ ounce simple syrup
½ ounce raspberry purée or muddled raspberries
½ ounce Chambord
½ ounce Cockburn’s Fine Ruby Port
1 ounce club soda
1 ounce lemon-lime soda
4-5 lime wedges
4-5 mint leaves

In a mixing tin, muddle the limes and the raspberries or raspberry purée. Add mint leaves and muddle again enough to bruise and release the oils from the leaves. Add rum, Chambord and port and fill with about 1 ½ cups of ice. Shake well and pour into a tall glass. Add club soda and lemon-lime soda as a float. Garnish with a lime and fresh raspberries.

Cabernet Cosmo
Developed by Monin’s Beverage Innovation Directors.
1 ¼ ounces Skyy Infusions Citrus
¾ ounce Citronge
½ ounce Monin Pomegranate Syrup
1 ounce Cabernet Sauvignon
1 ounce fresh sweet & sour
1 each lemon and lime ½ wheels, sliced thin, for garnish
3 blueberries, for garnish

Fill mixing glass with ice. Add ingredients, cap and shake well. Strain into chilled Martini glass and garnish with citrus slices and floating blueberries.

Developed by Jonathan Pogash for New York City’s Madison & Vine.
1 ½ ounces dry red wine
½ ounce Grand Marnier
½ ounce Myers’s Light Rum
3 lime wedges
½ ounce simple syrup
Splash of fresh lime juice
8 mint leaves
Sparkling water

Muddle the limes, lime juice, mint and simple syrup in a mixing glass. Add ice and remaining ingredients and shake briefly. Pour into a highball glass. Add ice and top with sparkling water.

Moët Margarita
Courtesy of Moët & Chandon.
3 ounces Moët
½ ounce premium tequila
¼ ounce Grand Marnier
¼ ounce fresh lime juice
¼ ounce simple syrup
Lime wedge, for garnish

Shake all ingredients except Moët into a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a salt-rimmed, chilled Martini glass. Add Moët and garnish with a lime wedge.

Hot Spiced Sangria
Developed by Stefan Trummer of Clifton, Va.’s Trummer’s On Main.
Assorted fresh fruit (including figs, pomegranates, oranges, etc.)
1 cinnamon stick
5-6 cloves
4-5 all spice
1 Starr anise
3 Tbsp. honey
1 orange peel
1/3 cup red wine (Pinot Noir or Shiraz)
2 ounces rum
2 ounces fresh orange juice

In a sauté pan combine all ingredients. Slowly bring the mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally so all spices absorb and infuse with the wine. Ladle the liquid into a glass and serve.

Aussie Pear
Courtesy of Campbells Winery.
1 ¼ ounce Cognac
¾ ounce Campbells Muscat NV
½ pear (canned)
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker; shake hard and fine strain into a cocktail glass.


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