Windsor Court Hosts U.S. Launch of Jade Absinthes

NEW ORLEANS, LA. – On July 25th from 4:30 – 6:30 pm, The Polo Club Lounge at the Windsor Court Hotel will partner with Viridian Spirits to host the U.S. launch of Jade Absinthes. The newly-released line of three high-end absinthes will be served traditionally, and Lucid will be used in classic absinthe cocktails. This event will represent the first time the complete Jade absinthe portfolio, which also includes Nouvelle Orleans, is introduced and served on U.S. soil.

Master absinthe distiller and creator of Jade Absinthes, Ted Breaux, will be on hand to answer questions and provide tips on how best to enjoy the notorious “Green Fairy.” Viridian Spirits and Ted Breaux negotiated an end to the ban on genuine absinthe in the United States after 95 years of prohibition with the launch of Lucid Absinthes, and are continually looking to expand the absinthe category. Previously unavailable within the U.S., the Jade Absinthes represent Breaux’s master craftsmanship and are world renowned for their historical accuracy and authenticity.

“We’re thrilled to host such a groundbreaking and thrilling event. New Orleans was once the epicenter of absinthe culture due to the port and French influence and we love its recent resurgence,” explains David Teich, general manager of the Windsor Court. “To have this launch in Ted’s hometown with him in attendance is an honor, and we know everyone will have a fantastic time.”

Food that pairs well with absinthe will also be served. The event is complimentary and open to the public, and a media-only tasting will be held from 4 – 4:30 pm. Reservations are mandatory and can be made by calling Lauren Schug at 610.470.7127.


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