Taffer Turns Around the Los Angeles Brewing Company

When Richard first invested in the Los Angeles Brewing Company it was making $2 Million dollars a year. However, unfortunately, there was a legal dispute and Richard convinced his family to lend him $250 thousand dollars for a buyout. In order to cut down on operating costs, Richard replaced the bars management staff with his family members and slashed the inventory in half. Now, the Los Angeles Brewing Company is losing $15,000 a month and Richard is taking the profits from his families glazing company to cover the cost.

Failing to capitalize on the downtown LA transformation is the Los Angeles Brewing Company, a 7,000 square foot bar featuring a glass countertop, full service kitchen and a 100 tap brew system that’s missing over 80% of its tap handles. The sheer size of the venue is going to be a challenge for Taffer and his team. Bars in the area average $300 per square foot in annual sales and this place only averages $100 per square foot; which isn’t enough to cover their operating costs. Taffer immediate brings up a couple of issues that baffle him about the property – they don’t brew their own beer, they only have 18 beers on tap when the sign says they offer 100 and the bartenders cant pour a beer correctly. It’s obvious that the food and beer are terrible but the worst problem that bar has is the owner Richard. His family is done supporting the bar and wants to sell. 

For the kitchen, Taffer brings in LA based Chef Kevin Bludso. His soulful cooking and southern spices has made his BBQ the most popular in southern California. One of the most important components that will increase sales at the bar is to pair the wide selection of beer with the appropriate food. Therefore, Bludso teaches the staff to make simple pub style food items that complement the flavors of the different style beers they offer.  To hop up the bar, Taffer brings in Master Cicerone, Neil Witte. Neil’s extensive knowledge of beer and draught systems will help transform this flat line bar into the head of the class. Neil gets to work teaching the staff about everything beer. 

In order to save the bar, Richard agreed to step down as general manager and appoint someone that was more capable of running the show. Taffer and his team turned the Los Angeles Brewing Company into LA Brew Co; an actual brew pub that utilizes a SmartBrew system to brew their own beer.  Six weeks after the relaunch food sales are up 25% and drink sales are up 30%. Israel, the new general manager, is successfully managing the bar and Richard is no longer using money from his family’s company to help run the bar. 


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