Profitable Promotions: Make Mine a Triple

Playing into the latest 1950s-era bar trend, Fifty/50 in Chicago is bringing back the Three Martini Lunch.
Co-owners Greg Mohr and Scott Weiner came up with the Three Martini Lunch concept a few months ago. “We both were former managers at high-end steak places where we saw our customers occasionally dabble in a three Martini lunch. We wanted to incorporate some steakhouse favorites we do at The Fifty/50 and work them into a playful and fun way that still stays true to our business,” Weiner explains.

Guests receive a three-course prix fixe meal that includes three 10-ounce Ketel One Vodka or Tanqueray Gin Martinis (servers must keep watch to make sure no one is over-indulging), a BLT salad, a skirt steak sandwich topped with fried onions on garlic bread and a piece of sweet potato pecan pie. Ordered separately, the cost would be $57; the Three Martini Lunch costs only $35.

“We have corporate deals with Ketel One and Tanqueray, so that’s a big part of us being able to offer the great deal we’re doing,” Weiner says. “Plus, we’re looking to drive more business during our lunch hours. We can afford to take a bit of a hit during lunch, numbers-wise, as long as we’re providing our guests with a unique experience at a good value.”

It appears on the bill as “Prix Fixe Lunch,” and the group is marketing the promotion, which launched at the end of January, to customers via four-walls marketing, table cards and social media platforms. Because they’re currently selling a few of them a day, the management has already seen a lunchtime business increase.

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