Profitable Promotions: Capi Hours Anyone?

Thanks to one brand and a slew of bars, cachaça-based  were hotter than ever this spring, especially during the on-premise promotion Capi Hours. These happy hours devoted to cachaça’s signature cocktail were held in bars in Manhattan, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. The Leblon Cachaça-backed events began Feb. 12, to coincide with the start of Brazilian Carnival.


Gabriel Varela, director of beverages for Miami hotspot Meat Market, says Capi Hours were a win for both his clients and his bottom line. Models wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the brand name passed out complimentary Caipirinhas from 5-8 p.m. on Fridays, discussing the spirit and its origins with guests. The bar saw higher profits, as almost every guest paid for a second drink after the first one was provided, Varela says.

 Meat Market

“Meat Market is a steakhouse with local flair,” he explains. “Our chef incorporates local, Florida cuisines using fresh fish and citrus, and at the bar, we always run 10 specialty cocktails, every one done by hand using organic, fresh berries. One of our Leblon reps reached out to feature the brand in our happy hour. We were already doing a Caipirinha with fresh blueberries, so we jumped on this.”


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