Bringing back a decade everyone loved has proven profitable for Lola’s in West Hollywood. On a normally slow Monday evening, Owner Loren Dunsworth implemented a vintage cocktail night dedicated to the larger-than-life drinks of the 1970s. Priced at $7, Singapore Slings, Harvey Wallbangers, Pink Ladies, Zombies and Kamakazis all made the menu.

“We have chosen the very palatable, fruity, sweet ones because they always seem to sell the best,” Dunsworth explains of her choices, while also noting that these are the cocktails people in their 40’s remember.

Another enticing feature for a great many guests is the music — all 70’s hits, all night. For the cost of their drinks, guests enjoy a playlist and the opportunity to reminisce about the era before CDs, MP3s and iPods. The marketing strategy, however, definitely dances to a more modern groove.
“We have a pretty extensive customer e-mail list,” Dunsworth continues. “We also utilize social media like Facebook and Twitter.”

The bar plans to run the event consistently, and it fits in with the brand of easy-going fun that’s made Lola’s a success for 15 years.

“The keys are consistency, friendly, welcoming service, a fair price and keeping it fresh and fun,” she remarks. “I think Lola’s bats four of four on all these points.”


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