Alcohol-Free Alternatives With Kathy Casey

Kathy CaseyWhen crafting a beverage menu, offering your guests multiple drink options doesn’t just mean mixing gin and vodka with various mixers and trending flavors. In fact, you want to make sure that your beverage menu runs the gamut of drink options, which includes the addition of alcohol-free libations. Alcohol-free options can not only be delicious, but can provide value added sales and profits for your business.

International Consulting Chef & Mixologist Kathy Casey, President of Kathy Casey Food Studios & Liquid Kitchen, knows a thing or two about creating an alcohol-free beverage offering that gives thirsty patients a truly delightful imbibing experience. “Consumers who don’t drink are interested in unique and special alcohol-free options that offer a special experience when ordering a drink,” Casey says.

On Thursday at this year's VIBE Conference, Casey will share new ways to create alcohol-free beverages, showcasing trends like exotic flavors, “enhancements” and fresh and seasonal choices, techniques and ideas, as well as how to implement them in a multi-unit company. Casey says this is one of the biggest missed profit opportunities in bars and restaurants, noting that considerable dollars are left on the proverbial table by not catering to all types of clientele.

Casey’s advice on rolling out alcohol-free selections: Before you get started, make sure your staff is trained on which beverages pair well with which dishes. Just because drinks are alcohol-free doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same amount of attention to detail and salesmanship as their alcohol counterparts.

For Casey, alcohol-free beverages increase profits and open the door to new clientele, while also allowing you to create a memorable drink list that will satisfy the masses and your bottom line.


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