A Body-Conscious Koi

Cucumber MartiniEveryone begins to regret that extra slice of pie or that flagging New Year’s resolution as the first rays of sunlight beget the coming of spring. In cities like Hollywood, where image is everything, it can be an all-consuming task getting into beach-ready shape. With this in mind, Koi, a restaurant and bar concept with venues in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, launched a food and cocktail menu this March in the Los Angeles location with a focus on lowering the calorie count for guests.

“Los Angeles is the hub of the entertainment industry, and since Koi is frequented by an A-List crowd, we wanted to develop an exclusive menu that caters to the needs of the weight-conscious eater,” explains Nick Haque, chairman and CEO of Koi Group. “We often receive requests for low-carb and low-calorie substitutions of our signature dishes such as sushi rolls with no rice or black cod without the miso glaze, so we took it to the next level by developing a variety of flavorful options along with low-calorie cocktails to be paired with each dish. People want more than just dry fish and Vodka Soda cocktails. They want all of the pleasure, with none of the guilt.”

The new “Skinny Menu” doesn’t beat around the bush, with items like Yellowtail Tartare, Steamed Chilean Sea Bass, Hamachi Fusion and Pan Seared Chicken Breast, all paired with delicious cocktails such as the Lemon Crisp, made with Hendrick’s Gin, lemon wedges, cucumber, fresh lime juice and soda. Each of the food plates weighs in under 300 calories and each of the drinks, under 150, with the calorie counts also listed on the menu.


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