Burnside West End Blend

Each bottle of spirit crafted by Eastside Distilling is owed to a masterful team led by industry veteran Mel Heim, the brand's Master Distiller/Blender who was one of the American craft spirit scene’s first female distillers. Mel has been involved in the crafts spirits industry for over 10 years, first as an apprentice, distiller, head distiller, then Master Distiller and Blender, and upwards to her current role as executive vice president of operations at Eastside. She was a pioneer for women in craft distilling in 2008 as one of the only female distillers West of the Mississippi and is pleased as punch to see that data point dramatically shifting.

Burnside West End Blend is a meticulous blend of American whiskies ranging in age and mash bills with a kiss of Oregon Oak to make a vibrant, earthy sipper at an accessible proof and price. A classic American-style whiskey that's Oregon-oaked in light- and medium-toasted barrels for tannins that play well with its sweet corn notes. Shareable, light and vibrant, easy to mix or sip.

Quick Notes

Nose: Sweet biscuit and honeycomb with a bit of corn. Young but balanced with dessert Oregon Oak tannins.

Palate: Full bodied and low octane. Caramel corn, bread and coconut mingle nicely with a gentle touch of toasted oak.

ABV: 42%