Brugal Blanco Supremo

At the heart of the craft of Brugal is a family recipe, a closely guarded secret to this day, known only by the privileged few and handed down from generation to generation. Each one has taken Brugal's traditional values and combined them with the newest innovations, ideas and ingredients to keep our legend alive.

So, what makes Blanco Supremo so special? It's the only rum that Brugal filters three times. Of course, it goes through their time-honored distillation process, and it's cask aged in white American oak casks for two to 5 years, the same as Brugal Añejo. But it is the triple filtering that sets it apart by enhancing its smoothness and removing its color. If you like your rums clear, then Blanco Supremo is for you—it has the all the smoothness of great vodka, but all the character of great rum.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Pleasant, with subtle hints of vanilla, citrus fruits and coconut

Palate: Smooth and refined taste that excites with rich flavors of coffee, cocoa, butter and vanilla

Finish: Clean, smooth and beautifully enduring

40% ABV