Wyatt Magnum

Wyatt Magnum
Magnum Music Group

Wyatt Magnum is President of the Magnum Music Group based in Los Angeles, CA.  MMG has created soundtracks for thousands of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs throughout the world.  Magnum is a frequent guest lecturer and author on the topic of recorded entertainment programming.  You can reach him on the web at www.magnummusicgroup.com.

Stories by Wyatt Magnum

Improve Your Music Today

It's a proven fact that playing the right music at the right time affects customer behavior, impacts check averages ,and plays a role in table turnover.

Improve Your Music

Your music selection immediately creates an identity. However, most owner operators either fail to pay attention to their music or leave the selection up to unqualified individuals.

Creating a Branded Music Experience

Music design for hotels, restaurants, bars and lounges has become an important trend in the hospitality industry. More and more operators are taking control of their music by creating customized soundtracks specifically for their concept and clientele.

Entertainment: Music To Your Registers

One area you may have overlooked when seeking out new profit centers or drivers is your music. Exploring the different options available is one way to differentiate your venue from the competition and also keep patrons in your venue longer.