Whitney Larson

Whitney Larson
Whitney Larson
President - Vēmos

Whitney Larson is the President and Director of Marketing at Vēmos, the software nightclubs use to manage, understand and grow their business from a single dashboard. After years of digital marketing agency experience, Whitney became a founding member of Vēmos and leads the direction of the company to ensure nightclubs have the tools they need to grow their business. She has a knack for understanding how to use data to improve marketing campaigns, staff performance, and revenue results. Whitney has helped nightclubs around the world to realize their full business potential through technology, data, and tools.

Stories by Whitney Larson

5 Operational Tools

With the right tools, processes, and systems in place, youall be on your way to gaining more loyalty and maximizing revenue for years to come. Here are 5 tools you need in your wheelhouse to grow your venue.

Promoting without Discounting

Discounts and promotions arenat the same and itas possible for you to run promotions without giving up your profit margin. To do this, youall need to focus on these four areas.

Train Your Customer

The key is to define your brand and your message, and then consistently deliver it to customers across all platforms. Hereas how to do exactly that.

Event Production & Marketing

From booking talent to getting people in the door, there are a lot of steps you need to take to ensure a profitable event. Here are some insights and proven strategies that will help you achieve success in all areas of your event from front to back.

Streamline Operations and Increase Revenue

Thereas a lot of nitty-gritty work that needs to get done in daily operations, which is the core of unnecessary stress. The right technology platform automates the tedious back-end processes so you can spend more time on bigger, more beneficial tasks.

How to Pre-Sell Tickets to Your Event

Every event, bar or nightclub, regardless of size, benefits from pre-selling tickets. And itas one of the easiest revenue-building things you can do. Follow these six steps to earn more pre-sale revenue for your event.

Avoid the Nightmare of Double-Booked Tables

Itas nearly impossible to keep track of reservations using old school processes. The best way to keep track of reservations to mitigate double-booked tables is through a central technology platform to which everyone has access.