Whitney Larson

Whitney Larson
Whitney Larson
President - Vēmos

Whitney Larson is the President and Director of Marketing at Vēmos, the software nightclubs use to manage, understand and grow their business from a single dashboard. After years of digital marketing agency experience, Whitney became a founding member of Vēmos and leads the direction of the company to ensure nightclubs have the tools they need to grow their business. She has a knack for understanding how to use data to improve marketing campaigns, staff performance, and revenue results. Whitney has helped nightclubs around the world to realize their full business potential through technology, data, and tools.

Stories by Whitney Larson

Create Pricing Strategies

It's crucial to the success of your bar or nightclub that you understand your pricing strategy and how it relates to your customer's purchasing habits. Here are 3 areas for you to focus on to optimize your revenue per guest.

Market to Your Audience

As you know, marketing your nightclub, bar or event is critical to your success. Marketing drives awareness of your existence and brings customers to your venue. But what is the best way for you attract customers?

Building Pre-Sale Revenue

What do you think would happen if you treated every night at your venue as a special event? What if you could earn more pre-sale revenue than ever before? Would you be happy if this approach to your business was the reason that customers were walking through your doors?

An Efficient Door

The speed of the night is important to every nightclub, so why do so many have such inefficient door systems in place? The door is the first area your guests experience, so why not streamline it and make that experience great?

2016 Nightlife Predictions

Staying on top of ever-changing trends is one of the most effective ways you can make certain your bar, nightclub or lounge stays ahead of the curve. To help you accomplish that, here are our 2016 bar and nightlife trend predictions.

Market Your NYE Event

With less than 1 month to go until New Year's Eve, your guests need to be planning on spending their evening at your venue. Here are 10 tips you can follow to make sure your NYE marketing campaign is set up properly.

Maximize Revenue with Data

New technology creates new ways to do business. Hereas how using technology can lead to uncovering data, and how that data ultimately allows you to maximize your revenue.

Marketing Tools & ROI

Great promotions don't require you to lower your prices. Using the right marketing tools at the right time to attract the right people can help you develop effective promotions and increase your return on investment.

5 Digital Best Practices

Thereas no doubting the effectiveness of digital and social media marketing to attract your customers. In fact, the internet remains the fastest growing medium for advertising globally and is expected to surpass traditional television by 2020, according to a new report.

Revenue Without More Work

A goal of any business is to drive revenue and translate it to money in the bank. What if we told you itas possible to not only drive revenue, but also increase the amount of revenue youare already driving without adding any extra work to your daily operations? Weare not pulling your leg; itas possible.