Whitney Larson

Whitney Larson
Whitney Larson
President - Vēmos

Whitney Larson is the President and Director of Marketing at Vēmos, the software nightclubs use to manage, understand and grow their business from a single dashboard. After years of digital marketing agency experience, Whitney became a founding member of Vēmos and leads the direction of the company to ensure nightclubs have the tools they need to grow their business. She has a knack for understanding how to use data to improve marketing campaigns, staff performance, and revenue results. Whitney has helped nightclubs around the world to realize their full business potential through technology, data, and tools.

Stories by Whitney Larson

Marketing, Talent or Timing: What’s to Blame?

How do you know if slow ticket sales for your bar or nightclub event is to lack of marketing, bad timing, or booking the wrong talent? There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to determine the root cause, but there are ways for you to understand your event performance.

VIP Treatment: It’s all in the Details

VIP treatment, from expedited entry to bottle service, has been around since the inception of nightclubs. But how do you ensure that you and your staff are providing an experience that meets or exceeds expectations?

Using Social Effectively to Promote Your Event

Social channels are one of the highest sources of conversion for most events since they allow you to target your audience on the channels they spend the most time on and boost content to expand your target audience reach.

Not all Ticketing Companies are the Same

All ticketing companies are not created equal. Event ticket presales are an excellent way to generate pre-event revenue but you need to choose a ticketing service that provides you with complete control over the process and your guests.

Provide a Personalized Nightclub Experience

The bad news is the nightlife industry is dwindling in the eyes of Millennials as fewer and fewer of their generation are going out to nightclubs. But the good news is we in the service industry have the opportunity to not only provide amazing experiences, but to also make those experiences personal.

The Nightlife Scapegoat: Marketing to Millennials

There are a lot of aspects of the Millennial lifestyle that are beneficial to the nightlife industry and align with what nightclubs and bars have to offer, but nightlife operators must evolve their marketing strategies if they want to reach this generation.

How to Use Data to Make Your Venue More Profitable

The key to measuring the success of your venue is knowing exactly how you’re performing, yet many operators don't actually know their numbers. There are systems that will automate data collection and analysis for you so you don’t have to spend time combing through it, allowing you to make decisions to become even more profitable.

Make Your Life Easier with Digital Solutions

Running a successful venue isn’t easy, which is why it’s more important than ever to stay connected, both from a personnel and operations standpoints. Fortunately,  there are solutions available to help you streamline your operations to be a revenue-generating powerhouse.