Whitney Larson

Whitney Larson
Whitney Larson
President - Vēmos

Whitney Larson is the President and Director of Marketing at Vēmos, the software nightclubs use to manage, understand and grow their business from a single dashboard. After years of digital marketing agency experience, Whitney became a founding member of Vēmos and leads the direction of the company to ensure nightclubs have the tools they need to grow their business. She has a knack for understanding how to use data to improve marketing campaigns, staff performance, and revenue results. Whitney has helped nightclubs around the world to realize their full business potential through technology, data, and tools.

Stories by Whitney Larson

Increase Your Marketing ROI

It’s difficult to set aside your hard-earned money for marketing efforts when you're unable to track the return on your investment. Today, however, you can track nearly every marketing effort to understand and increase your ROI.

What Millennials Expect of You

Right now, Millennials are the prime ages targeted by nightclubs. But reaching these customers means deviating from the long lines and impersonal experiences Millennials associate with nightclubs.

Create a Pricing Strategy to Boost Revenue per Guest

It isn't enough to just drive guests through your doors. You need to understand your guests in order to realize the highest profits possible each and every night. Whitney Larson identifies the areas to focus on to optimize your revenue per guest.

Make Your Nights More Predictable & More Profitable

It’s common in this industry to not have an accurate idea going into the night of whether it’s going to be a boom or a bust. Fortunately, there are solutions built for the nightlife industry to help you get a hold of your business and to help make you even more profitable.

Humanizing data to Provide Personalized Experiences

While last year’s summer trends were all about enhancing the summer mood with events, cocktails, and polished marketing, this year is all about experiences. You can thank Millennials and their desire for experiences over possessions for that, and you can thank technology and data for making it simpler to keep up with this demographic's needs.