Tammuz Dubnov

Tammuz Dubnov
Founder / CEO of Zuzor

Tammuz is an exceptionally young CEO that is pushing his new interactive technology to the world. He finished high school at 15 majoring in dance and graduated from UC Berkeley at 18 with Honors in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science and Dance. Tammuz combines his expertise as a technologist and a performer by being a pioneer in the surface reality, constantly challenging the barrier between technology and movement and using it to elevate guest experiences. Tammuz has become a world-leader in movement-responsive experiential design and is eager to share his knowledge.

Stories by Tammuz Dubnov

The New Trend in Nightlife

Tammuz Dubnov will discuss trends in nightlife technology at the 2018 Nightclub & Bar Show, including how it's enhancing the customer experience.