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Published weekly, Nightclub & Bar's Bar IQ serves the innovators and influentials in on-premise bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Readers are the top executives, owners and operators who are responsible for driving growth, innovation and profitability. Other Nightclub & Bar Media Group properties includes the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas drawing more then 39,000 professionals in the food and beverage industries (; VIBE Conference (, Jon Taffer's Rescue Tour (, Jon Taffer's On the Rocks (, Nightclub & Bar Top 100 and Nightclub & Bar Awards.

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Enhance the Beverage Experience

Today's consumers have diverse, discerning palates that crave a premium beverage experience right down to the glassware. Craft beer and brown spirits like bourbon, rye, and Scotch and Irish whiskeys are the fastest growing beverage categories in the United States.

TouchTunes Announces 2016as Top Jukebox Artist and Song Charts

TouchTunes, available in 65,000 US bars and restaurants, has released its annual Year-End Charts reporting the top played jukebox songs and artists of 2016. Country music phenom Eric Church is the top played jukebox artist of the year, while Chris Stapletonas aTennessee Whiskeya is the top played song.

Serial Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author to Keynote!

Kris Jones, founder of full-service Internet marketing agency and affiliate network Pepperjam, will deliver an inspiring and informative keynote speech at next year's Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas. Kris Jones is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, best-selling author, and accomplished public speaker whose articles appear in premium publications like Forbes, Inc. and Fast Company regularly.

BioTork, Yeast and Whiskey: A Blossoming Love Story

Biotech company BioTork has announced that they have significantly improved strains of yeast are used in the fermentation of grains to make whiskey. BioTork has developed strains of yeast derived from currently used distillery strains that are capable of producing up to 20% more ethanol with 1-2 days shorter fermentation time from real-world whiskey worts. These strains could help whiskey producers produce more ethanol with shorter turn-around-times for their fermenters.