Kevin Tam

Kevin Tam
Inventory Auditor & Operations Consultant

Kevin Tam's main objective is simple: help bar owners curb irresponsible liquor usage, and keep the playing field fair between owners and staff. He owns a liquor auditing practice that serves owners of bars, night clubs and restaurants. Along with weekly on-site audits, he provides his night club clients third party verification of paybacks. He also provides remote auditing services and consulting internationally for bar owners who reside outside his home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Kevin is an operations consultant with over a decade of experience working directly with bar, restaurant and nightclub owners on all points of the spectrum: from family-owned single bar operations to large companies with locations on an international scale. Kevin works with them all and understands the unique challenges each kind of company faces.

He is the author of a book entitled Night Club Marketing Systems – How to Get Customers for Your Bar. Kevin is also a regular writer for Nightclub & Bar, providing information high-level operators seek to get the extra edge in their marketing, sales and operations.

He continues to write today, providing specialized information directly to nightclub, bar and restaurant owners from his workshops, newsletters and magazine articles. He is also active in the field, operating an inventory auditing practice with Sculpture Hospitality.

Kevin can be reached directly at [email protected].

Stories by Kevin Tam

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