Kelly Magyarics

Kelly Magyarics
Kelly Magyarics
Contributing Writer

Kelly Magyarics is a wine and spirits writer, and wine educator, in the Washington, D.C. area. She also writes for Wine Enthusiast, Imbibe, and DC Magazine. Kelly can be reached through her web site,

Stories by Kelly Magyarics

BABA Serves up Cocktails just like Grandma Makes

An evening at BABA is exactly like one spent at your grandmother’s...if she happens to be hip, Balkan, and can whip up inventive cocktails in her parlor. This 56-seat concept evolve into its true form in the evening, when the lights go down and grandma grabs her shaker.

The Dark Side of Citrus

Black limes are made by drying out limes in the sun, after which they lose their water content and most of their weight, and become hard to the touch. Bartenders are discovering that this exotic ingredient can also give earthy, slightly bitter and fermented citrus flavor to drinks.

4 Tools to Better Infuse Your Booze

You could macerate all sorts of ingredients, shake them in a bottle every day until you think they're ready, and then strain out the solids. There's nothing wrong with that; people have been doing it for years. But these nifty gadgets add full-on flavor to vodka, gin, whiskey and more, all while making the process a lot more fun.

2017 National Drink Wine Day

In just a few days we celebrate National Drink Wine Day, so here are six wine regions that will take you and your guests on a journey outside of comfort zones on February 18, 2017. Cheers!

Cocktails for the Big Game

There's no better way to celebrate football's biggest showdown than with cocktails inspired by the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, the key players on each team, and the sport of football itself.

2017 Sommelier Wine Trends

Some of the top sommeliers from around the country took the time to share their 2017 wine trend predictions with us. Here are the styles, regions, varietals, and service trends wine experts think will be hot this year.