Glenn Haussman

Glenn Haussman
Contributing Writer

Glenn Haussman is a New York City-based lodging industry and F&B expert who has covered the business for more than 12 years. He also teaches at New York University.

Stories by Glenn Haussman

The Coverage Crisis

As health care costs have skyrocketed, stories of uninsured bartenders and other staff facing medical crises have forced the issue into the open. Yet, with no easy solution, whatas a person to do?

Redesign on a Dime

Budgets may be tight, but with the right tricks and tools, a new look can be in your venue's future. Itas critical to renew your venue regularly to keep guests coming back.

Vegas Nation

Las Vegas clubs are so successful that owners and developers are looking to bring the look and feel of Vegas nightlife to second-tier cites. But does Las Vegas-style nightlife travel well?

Message in a Bottle

Lower prices, smaller sizes, nifty presentation and variety a savvy bottle service keeps nightclubs hopping.

Gr8 Txt Mktg

Generating business through short text message bursts of 160 characters or less means youave got to be creative and reach the right people at exactly the right time.