David Klemt

David Klemt
David Klemt

David got his start as a hospitality industry writer and editor in Las Vegas. He has been writing about bars, nightclubs, restaurants and the industry as a whole for more than 10 years. Starting off as a freelance reporter and contributing author for Nightclub & Bar and the Nightclub & Bar Conference and Trade Show several years ago, David was offered the role of editor after displaying his dedication to the publication and passion for the hospitality industry.

Stories by David Klemt

Next Level Bar Food

Chef Nick Liberato of Calidelphia Catering, The Venice Whaler and Bar Rescue provided expert insight on menu development at this year's Nightclub & Bar Show.

Millennials: We like Wine

Whatever Millennials decide they like receives the Millennial treatment: a dozen apps, a few reddit boards, aofficiala Instagram pages, and an almost soul-crushing amount of streamlining and corporate appropriation. Wine, for better or worse, has been subject to this same Millennial Effect.

A Bartenders Guide to Brandy

Looking for in-depth information on Brandy or quick snippets you can arm your bartenders with to sell more palpable brandy cocktails? Get everything you need here!

Wine Drinkers by the Numbers

Itas safe to assume that only a small percentage of operators know much about those who choose to imbibe vino. So here weall provide some valuable information on why adding wine to your menu benefits your bottom line.

The Basics on Working with Distributors

Whether youare operating a no-frills dive bar, comfortable upscale tavern or exclusive nightclub, itas important to know how to get your hands on the products you need to stock your bar.

Pushing Premium Products

It's a simple fact that top tier products make bars more money. Here are five ways to reach so deep into customer pockets that you're grabbing their shoelaces.