David Klemt

David Klemt
David Klemt
Editor, Nightclub & Bar Media Group

David got his start as a hospitality industry writer and editor in Las Vegas. He has been writing about bars, nightclubs, restaurants and the industry as a whole for more than 10 years. Starting off as a freelance reporter and contributing author for Nightclub & Bar and the Nightclub & Bar Conference and Trade Show several years ago, David was offered the role of editor after displaying his dedication to the publication and passion for the hospitality industry.

Stories by David Klemt

Motivating Employees to Drive Revenue

Internal marketing is more than just branding the inside of your venue. Motivating your staff and energizing them so that they'll work their hardest for you is a critical element of success.

Wonders of Whiskey

The whiskey drinker is one of the most valuable guests for any bar to attract. Their spends are typically higher than those who drink beer or other spirits. Take care of the whiskey drinkers and they'll take care of you.

Opening a Bar

Are you thinking about opening a bar, nightclub or restaurant and wish you had an experienced operator to offer you some advice? We spoke with bar owner Stephanie Richardson for you.

Know Who You Are

Branding is marketing. You can't brand your bar correctly unless you know who are. Here are some tips on how to define your brand and guests and communicate your concept to them.

Rethinking Mixology

The Mixology Movement has proven to be a trend with staying power. Unfortunately, many bars have developed mixology programs that are hurting their bottom lines and guest experiences.

Please Everyone: Batch Gastropub

It's a popular clichA(C): You can't please everyone. Batch Gastropub in Miami, Florida disagrees. The popular and successful pub has decided to capture every demographic.

Social Media No Nos

Joe Gabriel of Fishbowl knows not everyone who owns a bar is a social media expert. To help owners approach social media properly, he has come up with a recipe book for success.

Your Menu Matters

An often overlooked aspect of restaurants and bars is the menu. David Scott Peters offers up tips on how to design a profitable menu, calculate prime cost and use recipe costing cards.

Maximizing Your Beer Sales

Director of Category Management for MillerCoors Joe Abegg is a business consultant with a beer merchant mentality. He helps bars make more money with beer through simple yet effective strategies.

Innovative Promotions

RMD Group owns San Diego hotspot Fluxx along with many other successful bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Find out about the promotions they've created and implemented.