Christine Dionese

Co-Founder, Garden Eats

Christine evolved her interests in sustainable gardening and food by turning them into a career in personalized medicine. She is an integrative health and food therapy specialist, and a medical and food journalist.

In her consulting practice she emphasizes how endocrine and immune wellness are shaped by the ever-changing epigenetic landscape through the use of functional medicine. This means reaching to the underlying foundation of health to optimize personal wellness. To balance this more serious side of her work, Christine loves to concoct, write about and connect people through food and drink. Garden Eats is where she has fun bringing that health-attracting vibe together.

Christine blends her background in integrative health and food science to help her clients intuitively connect with modern food culture. Her evidence-based approach to food therapy shapes this process. Christine lives and works bi-coastally between southern California and upstate New York.

Christine loves to collab: she will be delighted to hear from you about a fun project or to become a client of hers. Follow Christine on Instagram and reach her at [email protected]