Boris Bugarski


Boris Bugarski, CEO of mUrgent, has helped educate thousands of restaurant owners and marketers around the world on the customer-retention and revenue-increasing benefits of mUrgent's metrics-driven local store marketing programs. Capitalizing on years of hands-on experience, he has laid a strong foundation for achieving realistic success within any four walls. Having worked at every level of the restaurant industry from waiting tables to consulting with Fortune 1,000, 500 and 50 companies, Bugarski leads his team from a position of experience. His strategies and tactics have been successfully implemented at all types of companies, from the smaller independent operators to the larger national restaurant chains. As a frequent magazine contributor and regular guest speaker at restaurant conferences across the country, Bugarski is fast becoming recognized as the leading authority in restaurant email marketing. He is also the published author of "The Restaurant Local Store Email Marketing Guide: Understanding Local Email Marketing for Building Sales in Any Economy."