Amanda Baltazar

Amanda Baltazar
Amanda Baltazar
Contributing Writer

Amanda Baltazar is a Washington State-based freelance writer who’s been writing about food and beverage since 1996. Read her work online at

Stories by Amanda Baltazar

New Year, New Plans, New Resolutions

The New Year is here and we all have good intentions. Many bar and nightclub operators also make resolutionsato make their business stronger, to keep their employees happier, and to delight their customers.

A Sweet Finish

As consumersa concerns turn more towards their waistlines and operators think more of their bottom lines, thereas a product offering that fits both needs: dessert cocktails.

How to Handle A Crisis

A crisis such as natural disasters, foodborne illness outbreaks and violence can happen to any bar. But there are measures that can be put in place and positive ways of dealing with crisis.

5 Common Wine Mistakes

High markups mean wine is a product that many nightclubs and bars seek to boost sales of. But it's easy to spoil a customer's wine experience.

Summeras Abundance

Fruits and vegetables have been served with drinks for as long as we can remember. Think celery in a bloody mary or limes in a mojito. But many bars, nightclubs and restaurants are letting their imagination run wild with produce.

Tips for Tips

Earning tips is not just dependent on how hard they work. In fact, thereas much more to the fine art of getting a good tip.