Amanda Baltazar

Amanda Baltazar
Amanda Baltazar
Contributing Writer

Amanda Baltazar is a Washington State-based freelance writer who’s been writing about food and beverage since 1996. Read her work online at

Stories by Amanda Baltazar

Cocktails: Months in the Making

As the speed of life picks up and everyone wants everything now, but bars across the country are slowing things down. Theyare serving drinks that are months in the making, creating beverages that are an exquisite blend of flavors.

Crafty Bloody Marys

There are 13,000 different ways you can drink a Bloody Mary at The Met Restaurant Groupas five locations in New England. How do your Bloody Marys stack up against their Crafty Mary Menu?

Perfectly Designed Garnishes

Once an afterthought, garnishes are now often as much a part of a drink as the liquid in the glass. These decorations are being thought out long before the drink is prepared.

Cause Marketing

Many bars and nightclubs are finding causes they believe in and supporting them, mostly out of pure philanthropy. Here weall take a look at what a couple of companies are doing.

Celebrate the Date

Commemorating anniversaries means bars can thank their customers and attract new ones. How can you take your next anniversary to the next level?

Tapping Employeesa Talents

Have you ever been drawn into a bar or nightclub due to a beautifully designed chalkboard outside or eye-catching photography in marketing materials? Chances are those items were created by staff at the venue and not by someone professional that the owner paid.

How to Hire a Designer

When it comes to redesigning your bar or club, or designing a new location, youall likely need help from a designer. Itas easier if you know how to navigate these waters.

Garnishing Glory

The days of little paper umbrellas are gone and now bartenders and mixologists are garnishing with purpose - making great cocktails outstanding.