Amanda Baltazar

Amanda Baltazar
Amanda Baltazar
Contributing Writer

Amanda Baltazar is a Washington State-based freelance writer who’s been writing about food and beverage since 1996. Read her work online at

Stories by Amanda Baltazar

Weathering Change

It isn't just slumping sales and bad online reviews that can sink a bar, nightclub or restaurant. In our industry, all types of unexpected events and outside influences can devastate a business in moments. Here are 3 tales of owners who overcame the odds and rebuilt their bars.

Write a Best-Selling Menu

Not enough operators pay enough attention to their menu, which is incredibly shortsighted when you consider that it passes through the hands of just about every person who patronizes any venue.

How to Fire Someone

Unfortunately, part of doing business is terminating the employment of some of those who work for us. To make the termination process easier for everyone involved, here are tips from several industry experts.

Unique Drinking Vessels

Unique, unusual, unexpected... All of these words point to one thing: creating the WOW Factor. Unusual glassware creates reactions, allows bartenders to personalize cocktails, starts conversations, and keeps guests coming back for more.

Waste Not, Want Not

When operators consider waste, they likely only look at food waste or employee theft. However, waste comes in other forms in the hospitality industry. Operators need to understand that beverage and cleaner waste can cost them hundreds of dollars each month.

Promote Your NYE Event

We're sprinting towards New Year's Eve and bars and nightclubs are preparing for very busy nights. Timing is everything: promote too early and you'll be forgotten, but promote too late and you won't be considered.

DIY Tap Systems

Have you ever thought about using technology to allow your guests to pour their own beer by the ounce? Thatas exactly what a North Carolina taproom did and it has been very successful.

Advice for Hiring PR

Your reputation is paramount to the success of your business, yet too many clubs donat pay attention to it. Nightclub & Bar asked a number of PR professionals what you need to be aware of when hiring.

Employee Handbook Mistakes

It's all well and good to have an employee handbook, but are you truly utilizing it to the benefit of your employees and yourself? Here are some tips on creating effective handbooks.