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Amanda Baltazar
Amanda Baltazar
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Amanda Baltazar is a Washington State-based freelance writer who’s been writing about food and beverage since 1996. Read her work online at

Stories by Amanda Baltazar

Growing Private Label

Operators looking to strengthen their bar programs should consider offering their guests private label offerings. Own-brand beverages are an excellent way to gain control over a barrel, beer or wine, and generate revenue.

Supporting the Earth

Reducing water and energy usage and reducing waste can help lessen the impact a bar, nightclub or restaurant has on the Earth. The Perennial is a perfect example of a bar and restaurant doing their part to be as sustainable as possible.

The Baiju Boom

Baijiu, the national drink of China, is starting to make a name for itself in the United States. Itas mostly in Chinese bars, nightclubs and restaurants so far, though you can find it elsewhere. Peking Tavern in Los Angeles focuses on bringing back traditional northern Chinese food and drinks, and baiju is a key element of the concept.

Insured & Secured

Is your bar or nightclub insured? If it is, have you selected the right policies? Many operators neglect the task of insuring their bars, lounges and nightclubs, which can cost them large amounts of money and even shut down their businesses.

Bringing Back Hospitality

The Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery chain is creating a new prototype that it hopes will foster an enhanced sense of hospitality. The biggest change is to their seating, which will feature more communal tables.

Speakeasy Comeback

By their very nature, speakeasies are hard to find, unpublicized, and a cocktail venue open to only those in the know. They first hit their heyday during Prohibition as we all know, but in the past year speakeasies have started to once again come into their own.

Attracting Tourists

Shaun Clancy, owner of successful sports bar Foleyas NY Pub & Restaurant, has found out how to attract tourists and locals to his bar through clever promotions and usage of social media.

Handle Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are a part of operating a bar or nightclub. Learn to see them as an opportunity to discover problems within your business and turn an unhappy customer into a loyal guest.

Using Up Leftovers

A commitment to reducing waste and caring for the environment are two factors driving operators to use up leftover ingredients in creative ways. Here are three venues and what they're doing to reduce waste and control costs.

Finding Time

Bar, nightclub, lounge and restaurant owners and operators are constantly looking to use their time, money and employees more effectively. That's why some in our industry are outsourcing some tasks, freeing up their time and energy.