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Amanda Baltazar
Amanda Baltazar
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Amanda Baltazar is a Washington State-based freelance writer who’s been writing about food and beverage since 1996. Read her work online at

Stories by Amanda Baltazar

Heat up the Summer with Ice Cream Cocktails

RingSide Grill, a bar and restaurant in Portland, Oregon, has been crafting ice cream drinks that are perfectly sweet and boozy for the hot summer months. You'll want to put your own ice cream creations on your menu this summer!

Yes Please, Honey

The Stinger Cocktail Bar & Kitchen located inside the InterContinental New York Times Square operates five beehives on the hotel’s roof, and the honey their bees produce finds its way into Stinger cocktails.

Business Boosting Bar Bites

Bar snacks help to increase check size and keep customers at your bar longer, reducing the length of time they can spend at your competitors' venues. Lingering guests, of course, boost your bottom line.

Ready, Set...Shake!

Restaurant chain Buffalo Wings & Rings is launching five limited-time offer cocktails this year. Each LTO beverage is the result of a bartender competition that attracted 100 entries from 70 bartenders. The Colada Shaker is the winner of the summer LTO.

Avocado not Optional

Two decades ago, a dare inspired the creation of an avocado Margarita. Even the creator didn't think the concoction would taste good, but he was proven pleasantly wrong. Avocado, it turns out, adds texture, flavor and even nutrients to cocktails.

Make Mine a Crowler

The crowler, the growler's aluminum cousin, is lighter weight than its glass counterpart and can keep beer fresh for up to a month. It's also beach friendly since it isn't made of glass, making it increasingly popular with bars beer aficionados.

Bringing the Front and back of House Together

Encouraging communication between bartenders and the kitchen can produce creative beverages and a much more cohesive menu. Ashley Meehan of Vaucluse, located in the Upper East Side of NYC, has learned to collaborate with the kitchen and his cocktail program is all the better for it.

Some like it Hot

White Zinfandel and a nice, sweet cocktail were once the standards on most cocktail menus. Today, however, they just aren't what people are after. Instead, take a look at these spicy, hot cocktails for menu inspiration.

Organic Marketing

Facebook’s Livestream gives bar and nightclub operators the ability to be in front of their customers constantly. David Rabin, principal of The Skylark cocktail lounge in New York City, shares his story of using Facebook Livestream sucessfully.