When to Re-Brand?

August 5, 2015

I am running the day to day operations of a small corner bar, and am soon looking to try and purchase the business. My question is about possibly renaming the business. Currently it is named after a landmark bridge that is roughly 8 blocks away and has at least 10 other bars between us and it. New customers are often confused when trying to locate us. However, the business has been in place under its name for the last 13 years and has been profitable for at least the last 7. My question is, should I look to re-name the business to a more appropriate and less confusing name, or should I try to create new promotional materials that try to wink at how confusing our name is without changing it? I think that current customers would enjoy something like a T-shirt saying, "Confusing Drunks Since 2003" but does that help me out? Just looking for other opinions on this

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