Vitamix’s The Quiet One

The Quiet One blender by Vitamix


Vitamix’s The Quiet One is a powerful, premium blender that provides unparalleled sound reduction and exceptional blends for a consistently superior product and significantly improved speed of service. Based on independent third-party testing, The Quiet One would be perceived as being four times quieter than its closest competitor. Designed to create a more enjoyable customer environment, it also offers operators the ability to deliver a wide variety of superior blended beverages to their customers. The Quiet One’s exclusive technology sets it apart from the competition in the arena of noise reduction. An innovative door-seal design coupled with patent-pending floating technology significantly decreases vibration transmission and improves airflow, dramatically reducing the amount of sound produced during blending while maintaining drink quality. The blender is fully programmable and also features six program buttons with 34 optimized programs to choose from to create custom signature drinks, smoothies and blended coffees.