Workshops to Watch at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show

With the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show just a month away, it’s time to see which speakers, workshops and seminars will be right for you. And just like previous years, this year’s show on March 12-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center is chock-full of marketing and promotion experts that will have audience members growing their business in no time.

Workshop 103: Connecting ALL the iDots into One Complete Strategy for Boosting Sales Every Month
Boris Bugarski, CEO & President, mUrgent

Bugarski is one of the foremost experts on online marketing for the industry. As CEO and president of mUrgent, Bugarski will change the way you handle online marketing. Join him Monday, March 12, at 9:30 a.m. for a three-hour workshop that will discuss web development and social media, helping operators create a social-media strategy that will boost guest counts with a website that works. Other important social-media ideas include: website building, search-engine optimization, understanding sites, such as Yelp and Google Places, and more.

Workshop 102: A Marriage Made In... Bridging the Marketing vs. Operations Gap
Shane Young, President,
 Overtime Entertainment Group

Even if you have everything in line at your bar — a great staff, a smart menu and profitable specials — you may not be seeing the crowds. Young will teach operators the science of hospitality marketing with a program that focuses on successful marketing systems.

KEYNOTE: No Excuses: Taffer’s Simple Science of SuccessJon Taffer
Jon Taffer, President, Nightclub & Bar Media Group

Jon Taffer may have gained national fame from hosting Spike TV reality show “Bar Rescue,” but he’s always known how to turn bars into profitable establishments. His keynote will give guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn solid business-changing dynamics.

Breakout Session: Building Your Brand Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing 

Ted Wright, CEO, Fizz

Word-of-mouth marketing is tried and true, and Wright will teach the audience the basics, big ideas and best practices on how word-of-mouth marketing can help execute techniques you can use to create growth. Wright will look at the methodology for starting good conversations and garnering recommendations to execute a successful program.

Breakout Session: Facebook: Are You Tapping In?

AJ Gerritson, Founding Partner, 451 Marketing

Facebook continues to grow in popularity and can only help your business grow. Gerritson will teach attendees about the social-networking site’s unlimited potential in the hospitality industry to reach and engage with current and new clients. Gerritson will teach attendees how to convert online fans into regular customers.

Breakout Session: TAG! You’re It

Maria Miranda, Creative Director and Social Media Advocate, Miranda Creative, Inc.

As quick-response codes become more popular — appearing almost everywhere — it is important for bar and club owners to understand what code-scanning applications work best. Miranda says user profiles skew young and to people with a higher income; she will talk about what version (QR, Jagtag, Microsoft) you should use to court those Millenials, how codes are generated, what consumers want and expect from a scan, how you can integrate codes into an overall marketing place creatively and how to effectively and easily measure their use.

Breakout Session: Help with Yelp!

Darnell Holloway, Manager of Local Business Outreach, Yelp! 

Word-of-mouth marketing is moving online. Holloway will help attendess understand how to use user-generated content websites like Yelp to ensure your business reputation is strong. This seminar will teach attendees everything they need to know, from unlocking free business tools to managing their online reputation.

Breakout Session: Niche Market Promotions 

Moderator: Sam Sameni, Operating Partner, Wish Ultralounge

Panelists: Eric Peterson, COO, Harmon Point, Inc./Krave Nightclub; Brian Taylor, Director of Nightlife, Zee Bar Private Social Club; and Sin Bosier, President & CEO, Gaslamp Event Management 

Niche markets and niche promotions are one of the best ways to increase revenue. Consider hosting a ladies night, GLBT monthly parties, VIP specials, biker night, etc. By doing this, you can expand your income by marketing to a specific clientele. This panel of industry professionals will offer insight on what you can do to attract a niche market.

Featured Session: What It Takes To Be Successful In the Hospitality Industry. The Power of Promotions!
Patrick Henry, President & CEO, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions Inc.  

Patrick Henry knows promotions. During his featured session, he’ll offer examples of how promotions can boost your bottom line. The seminar will teach attendees how proper planning, an upbeat staff and detailed execution can result in increased sales.


The Power of PublicityYarbrough

Moderator: Jeffrey Yarbrough, CEO, bigInk Public Relations & Marketing

Panelists: Jerry Bokamper, Lifestyles Editor, The Dallas Morning News and Daniel Stedman, Co-Founder/President, The L Magazine 

Yarbrough’s seminar will teach attendees to use the media — from bloggers to publicists to journalists. Yarbrough and his panel of experts will tell you how to get coverage in local publications. Now all you need to do is put the coverage in front of them! Find out how public relations can influence customers into visiting your venue and spending more money.