Taffer to the Rescue!

Jon Taffer, internationally recognized award-winning restaurant operator, owner and concept developer, star of Spike’s reality TV show “Bar Rescue” and president of Nightclub & Bar Media Group, is a popular draw at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show (NCB Show). The educational and show floor opportunities to meet and learn from Taffer at the 2012 NCB Show to be held March 12-14 in Las Vegas will be unveiled this month at NCBShow.com. In the meantime, industry professionals can attend one of Rescue Tourthe NCB University Rescue Tour workshops taking place in Chicago, Philadelphia and Long Beach, Calif. Here’s a sneak peek at the Rescue Tour agenda:

I. Reaction Management and Bar Sciences Objectives
By examining case studies of failing bars and excerpts from “Bar Rescue,” Taffer will set the stage for taking a step back and looking at your bar, restaurant or nightclub with a critical eye to diagnose problems and potential issues. Using what Taffer terms “bar sciences,” you’ll hear actionable ideas with set objectives and proven solutions that will change the way you manage, operate and promote your business. You will learn how reaction-management principles, cash vs. percentages, the four walls of marketing and the three objectives of marketing and human resources/staffing can make your business thrive.

II. Developing a Beverage Money Machine
A good cocktail menu is key to any successful restaurant, bar or nightclub; it expresses personality, promotes profitability, focuses your overall bar operation and keeps your brand fresh in your customers’ minds. But how do you make this happen? World-renowned mixologist Michael Tipps joins Taffer to explain how your bar can be a money-making machine by eliminating the slightest glitches that pour dollars down the drain. From mixing cocktails to training staff to identifying cash vs. percentages, this session is a crash course in elevating bar sciences and applying reaction-management principles to maximize profits. An in-depth look at cocktail- and brand-merchandising objectives, drink-menu engineering, effective bar-staff-training techniques and sales and the four-wall marketing approach will set up your backbar for success.

III. Developing a Great Bar Food Program
Your menu is the main representation for your bar food program; it needs to get diners excited enough to order the “best burger in town” and come back for more. It’s time to pick apart what works, what doesn’t and why. Top-notch Chef Brian Duffy joins Taffer to give you the secrets on how to enhance your current menu while staying ahead of the curve and making your food program stand out from the competition. 
A comprehensive look at food program objectives, price point, signature item opportunities, plating and presentation objectives, sales and four-wall marketing, developing standout recipes, menu engineering, design and balance and new menu rollouts are laid out during this session.

IV. Reaction Marketing Tools
You’re ready to go. You have organized and redeveloped your beverage and food programs, but how do you get the word out and generate positive buzz? You need attention-getting, personality-driven, excitement-generating marketing programs that keep your operation top-of-mind. Knowledge on the three major marketing strategies, four-wall marketing, frequency marketing and new
customer programs are a must-have in the restaurant, bar and nightclub business. Industry experts will provide strategic tactics for developing a great marketing plan that not only puts patrons in the seats, but also keeps them coming back for more.

V. Twenty Great Promotions to Get You Started
By uncovering the best of the best money-making promotions, this session will pull out all the stops on fresh ideas that will become priceless commodities. You will walk away with insight and strategies from industry experts to help you create profitable and innovative promotions that are all your own.

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